Broken Rice Restaurant - Com Tam Viet

Vietnamese history of broken rice began from rice that was broken during processing, drying, and transport. Broken rice included rice fragments that were cheaper to buy for the lower and working class Vietnamese people. As a result, portions were always hugely accompanied with a bowl of soup on the side, to help the rice go down easier while eating. Now broken rice has become a trend, where you can find broken rice on every street in Vietnam. Broken rice is no longer defective pieces, but rice intentionally broken in factories. All Vietnamese people rich or poor, still crave the broken rice they grew up eating. Broken rice is just as nutritious as the equivalent whole rice, just a way to reminisce the past! In Vietnam or high Vietnamese population cities, a broken rice restaurant would be commonplace. Here in the midwest, Com Tam Viet restaurant is the first of it's kind to bring you street food and a homestyle meal, where you don't have to go far to experience traditional Vietnamese food.


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